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La Caravane des Sables - P. PROUST - Bassoon and Piano


" A few minutes in the desert, pretty notes crushed by the sun, for our young instrumentalists. " - Pascal PROUST

12 Etudes Variées - Volume I - J. NAULAIS - Solo Alto Saxophone

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" As the title suggests each of these studies have its special flavor; they sail through the centuries ... " - Jerome NAULAIS

Studies suited from the second year of instrument practice.

Sweet Home - P. PROUST - Bassoon and Piano

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" A little duo with piano intended for young students from 4 years of practice. An atmosphere of calm and happiness should emanate from this piece. " - Pascal PROUST

32 Studies for Clarinet - Volume 1 - Studies 1 to 16 - C. ROSE - Solo Clarinet


In the small world of clarinet, the "32 Studies" by Rose is unquestionably one of the most famous and most used book. Based on the "48 Studies op. 31" for Oboe by Ferling, Rose freely changed the structure, scope, tone of the original studies to adapt to the note range and to the specificities of the clarinet. These studies are, therefore, true re-creations that Rose proposes to clarinet students. Encompassing a wide variety of musical and technical challenges, they are a perfect preparation for the repertoire of the 19th century and, as such, have never been replaced. Through many republications, these studies were themselves revised and supplemented with expressive indications, dynamics, articulations, phrasings and tempi sometimes overloading the original text. The interest of this new publication is double: first it provides the original studies by Rose (1893), then it shows aside the study for oboe by Ferling that Rose used as a reference (published by Bachmann in 1840), transposed by us in key chosen by Rose for clarinet. The student can thus easily compare the two versions, understand the changes, additions and transformations done by Rose, and enrich his/her approach of the style and phrasing of each study. To complete this analysis, indications of ways of working are given (in French) throughout the book.

The Flute du côté de chez Proust - Beginners - Volume 1 - P. PROUST - Flute and Piano

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The Flute du côté de chez Proust is a series of pieces composed by Pascal PROUST with piano accompaniment. Each piece is also published separately.

This volume, for beginners, is A visit full of surprises in an incredible zoo where nice elephants applaude a parade of ants... These 6 short pieces for very young flutists reflect those rare moments!

Le Chevalier Troubadour - P. PROUST - Solo Recorder


" Intrigues and festivities in the Middle Ages! " - Pascal PROUST

A piece to be played from 7 years of practice.

Poème Dansé - P. PROUST - Oboe and Piano

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" A melancholy theme which nevertheless invites you to dance; a slow waltz tinged with memories. For young oboists from 2 years of practice. " - Pascal PROUST