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Methods - Etudes - Exercises for Trombone

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Children's Songs for the Young Trombonist - TRADITIONAL - Solo Trombone


My First Pieces for Trombone and Piano - D. LELOUP - Trombone and Piano

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" Here are a few pieces for trombone and piano. I wrote them following the progression of my son Valentin (to whom I dedicate them) who started the trombone in September 2011. I thank Yann Sevin, Professor at Evry and Yves Demarle, for their help. I hope pianists will also enjoy playing the accompaniment. Good luck to all! " - Denis LELOUP

Method TrombOlympic Junior - Welcome to Trombon'land! - D. LASSALLE - Solo Trombone


After the huge success of TrombOlympic, here is, a year later, its young sister : TrombOlympic Junior. Accessible from 2 years of trombone, this "self-service" method offers many exercises, flexibilities, and all that is needed to organize its technical work.

Method TrombOlympic - Welcome to Hell! - D. LASSALLE - Solo Trombone


Here is the long awaited new method by LASSALLE Daniel, International Soloist, Teacher at Toulouse and Lyon Conservatoires. This method-catalog, with a preface by Michel BECQUET, offers many exercises, flexibilities, and all that is needed to organize its technical work, whatever your level and your goals are.

Method Tout en Souplesse! - E. SOUCHOIS - Solo Trombone

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This method is targeted to young trombonists. It provides several exercises for flexibility that can be used during the first 5 years of trombone practice.
A MP3 audio playback is available for each exercise here. Playing with an audio accompaniment makes the technical work of flexibility more fun and musical.

Orchestrades - Discovery of the Symphonic Repertoire for Trombone - D. LOCQUENEUX - Solo Trombone


" I propose to you, in this book, to work on 15 orchestral excerpts among those that are the most often imposed in competitions. Teachers wishing to make their students discover the symphonic repertoire for trombone can also use this book.
For each of the 15 excerpts, I share with you the preparatory exercices that I created and that I am used to use before my concerts. " - David LOCQUENEUX

14 Characteristic Studies ARBAN (with accompaniment CDs) - Solo Trombone

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The famous Characteristic Studies from ARBAN's Method revised, updated and dramatically modernised by Claude EGEA

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StarTrombone is a learning method for young trombonists, accessible from 5 years old. StarTrombone provides exercises using voluntarily only positions 1 to 4 of the trombone because positions 5, 6 and 7 are difficult to reach for young children.

Audio accompaniments are available here for each exercise, with and without the sound of the trombone. They will be useful to help young students to set the right height of the sounds, to place themselves rhythmically, in short to learn while having fun.


Here is the downloadable version, in French, of the famous Trombolympic method by Daniel LASSALLE.
This volume number 3 includes chapters VI, VII, VIII, IX and X. It will help you improve particular and unique aspects of your playing such as : tongue dexterity, arm flexibility, synchronisation of tongue/arm/brain, stamina building with Marathrombone.
The volume also includes different 'menus' of warmups of 10 to 30 minutes, picking up exercises from all three volumes.