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Pérégrinations takes by its eclectic choices a new look at the world of trombone, revealing hitherto unsuspected charms of the instrument. And indeed, the trombone was a little used solo instrument that due to its rather powerful sound was primarily intended for orchestral use. Its deep register and dark sound were often used to evoke solemn emotions and memories but in the following kalèidoscope of pieces its lightness, profundity, sensibility and virtuosity will be explored.

“I would like to thank all who have made it possible for me to realize this recording, whether it be my family and friends who have always supported and encouraged me, or all those that have played a role in my musical development; all my teachers from early childhood on untill today, and all those who have taken part in the realisation of this disc: my musician friends, soundengineers, editors,
photographers, producers and sponsors. I wish to include all of them in this musical project, this human adventure which could only find execution in mutual participation and exchange. I hope with all my heart that you all participate in this musical moment with the same pleasure”. - Fabrice Millischer

This CD was recorded by
Fabrice MILLISCHER in November 2009.

Fabrice Millischer's website is here.


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Concerto for Alto Trombone and String Orchestra

Johann Georg Albrechtsberger

1 - Allegro Moderato
2 - Andante
3 - Finale – Allegro Moderato

“Via Musica Ensemble” (String Orchestra)
Thomas Hemkemeier, Na Li, Jacek Gebka (Violins I)
- Christoph Mentzel, Ji-Mihn Li, Helmuth Winkel (Violins II)
- Stefan Pantzer, Gabor Szarvas (Cellos)
- Katja Pendzig (Contrabass)
- Christian von Blohn (Harpsichord)

Johann Georg ALBRECHTSBERGER (1736-1809), viennese organist, Haydn and Mozart's friend and Beethoven’s teacher, composed in 1769 his remarkable concerto for alto trombone. This captivating piece combines, with its shining sonority, counterpoint and a new gallant style using the natural dexterity of the trombone, raising it truly to the level of a soloistic instrument



  /><strong><font face= 4 - 6


Sonatine for Tenor Trombone and Piano

Jacques Casterede

4 - Allegro Vivo
5 - Andante Sostenuto
6 - Allegro

Nathanaël Gouin (Piano)

Jacques CASTEREDE, born in 1926, was a very prolific composer who wrote the present Sonatina for trombone and piano in 1957. The first movement, very rhythmical and dancing, and the third, dynamic and cheerful, surround an "Andante sostenuto" that shows all the expressiveness and warmth of the trombone sound.



  /><strong><font face= 7 - 9



Ricerare for Sackbut and Continuo

Diego Ortiz

7 - Ricercare 7
8 - Ricercare 1
9 - Ricercare 2

- Lutz Gillmann(Harpsichord)
- Stefan Ahr (Percussions)

The Ricercares of Diego ORTIZ, spanish violinist and composer (Toledo 1510- Naples 1570) are excerpts of the «Treatise of variations» published in 1553 that allow the baroque trombone ,
ancestor of the contemporary trombone, to exhibit its pleasant and expressive melodious sound, as well as all its virtuosity in the art of ornamentation beginning from a single melodic line.



  /><strong><font face= 10



Sonate for Tenor Trombone and Piano

Stjepan Sulek

- Nathanaël Gouin (Piano)

The sonata (vox Gabrieli) for trombone and piano was composed in 1973 by the Croat Stjepan SULEK (1914-1986), and reveals in its modernist manner a dense universe of contrasts. Powerful dramatic and romantic episodes are followed by almost reserved introverted lyricism.



  /><strong><font face= 11-14



Sonatine for Tenor Trombone and Brass Quintet

Tadeusz Kassatti

11 - Allegretto
12 - Allegretto Pesante
13 - Da Lontano
14 - Tempo di marcia

Radio Brass Saar Quintett :
- Robert Hoffman et Joachim Schröder (Trumpets)
- Martina Reitmann (Horn)
- Wei Zhu (Trombone)
- David Polkinhorn (Tuba)

Tadeusz KASSATTI, pianist and composer born in Krakow in 1948, composed this Sonatina for Trombone and Brass quintet in 1999 for Michel Becquet and the Spanish «Luur Metal» Brassquintett.
The piece fluctuates between the spirit of a concerto and pure chamber music and presents four contrasting movements wherein the trombone sometimes blends with the ensemble and at other times comes forth as a soloist.



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