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» » 14 Characteristic Studies ARBAN (with accompaniment CDs) - Solo Tuba


14 Characteristic Studies from ARBAN's Method
Modern Adaptation and Playbacks by Claude EGEA

Version for Solo Tuba


Most of the Trumpet, Euphonium, Saxhorn, Trombone and Tuba teachers remain close to the famous method "Grande Méthode Complète pour Cornet à Piston et Saxhorn" by Jean-Baptiste Alban (1825-1889), who was the first to set his instrument as a soloist instrument.

FLEX Editions proposes the sheet music for the famous 14 characteristic studies from ARBAN's Method together with 2 accompaniment CDs. Those studies have been revised, updated and dramatically modernised by Claude Egéa.

This completely revised version allows making few pauses and breathings to work rigorously but with fun (yes, this is possible)!

The 2 accompaniment CDs provide very modern playbacks recorded at various tempos, to work progressively. Listen to it and enjoy.

We would be curious to know what Jean-Baptiste Arban would think of this version. Our common ambition is to give them a new lease of life.


Who is Claude EGEA : Trompet player and Teacher, Claude Egéa won the first prize at Toulouse Conservatoire, then played at Toulouse symphonic orchestra, Orchestre National du Capitole, from 1982 to 1991. He is the Solo Trumpet player in Michel Legrand orchestra, member of Martial Solal's Newdecaband and of Captain Mercier band. He performed in concerts with Quincy Jones, Ray Charles, Salvador, Cabrel, Sanseverino to name a few...

Extracts from the 2 accompaniment CDs and sheet music


Extract from Study 1

Claude EGEA foreword


" I often go back to work on the Characteristic Studies from the Arban's Method. Indeed, even after many years of instrument practice and teaching, the educational power and the delicacy of these studies continues to strike me and continues to help me. I then work again and again on them, as a top level athlete must continuously work on his basics or a chef must start again and again to cook a basis for a sauce, and never forget that one must master the fundamentals to reach the excellence.

But it's true that playing alone becomes soon off-putting… I therefore wanted to make these studies more reachable and with more fun in order to make the young students excited about it. I reworked the phrasing, added a contrasted and fashionable rhythm section for all Pieces with some pauses and respirations. Shall the result make you improve the way you master your instrument with rigor and … fun! "
- Claude EGEA


François THUILLIER opinion


" Thanks to his open mind, musical and educational curiosity, Claude Egéa delivers here the idea of a festive and original sound track for the famous Arban's studies. This innovative method is going to stimulate the young brass players for assiduous playing of their instrument: thank you Claude! "

François Thuillier
Tuba player - International Soloist - Teacher at the Amiens Conservatoire, France









14 Characteristic Studies from ARBAN's Method (with 2 accompaniment CDs)

Modern Adaptation and Playbacks by Claude EGEA







Claude EGEA 

All compositions and arrangements by Claude EGEA are here






Jean-Baptiste ARBAN 

All compositions by Jean-Baptiste ARBAN are here



  Instrument / Accompaniment



Solo Tuba

2 accompaniment CDs containing for each study:
   - A playback at the original tempo
   - A playback at a slower tempo



  Difficulty level



4 to 5 over 6

From 6 years of instrument practice






Over 2 hours of playbacks



  Number of pages



32 pages



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FLEX Editions



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